Slubice is worth a visit

Slubice is worth a visit

During a longer stay in Frankfurt (Oder), many guests use the time to make a detour to the Polish side of the Oder. Slubice is a popular destination. The city was part of Frankfurt (Oder) until 1945 as Dammvorstadt (also called Gartenstadt). Today, both cities are working closely together again. For example, German and Polish students can study together at the Collegium Polonicum, a joint institution of the European University Viadrina and the Adam Mickiewicz University.


From City Residence Hotel Frankfurt-Oder In the immediate vicinity of the train station, visitors can quickly reach Slubice, since Slubice is connected to the Frankfurt (Oder) – Poznan train connection. A connection to the bus service from Frankfurt (Oder) is now guaranteed. The city can be reached by car via the A12 motorway. The bazaar, colloquially known as the "Poland Market", is particularly popular with German visitors. From groceries to clothing to pet food, there are numerous goods at reasonable prices. However, Slubice has even more to offer.


Guests discover the hospitality of the Poles and the excellent Polish cuisine in the city's restaurants. But there are also pizzerias and pubs in the city for a bar crawl in the evening. Incidentally, many residents of Slubice understand German very well, so that communication is possible without any problems. A visit to the hairdresser or nail salon at reasonable prices is therefore popular in Slubice. In addition, joint events with Frankfurt (Oder) are repeatedly held in the municipal cultural center. So if you are interested in art and culture, this is the place for you. And on a walk through the city, visitors experience the ambience of the Polish border town.


So if you have a few days in City Residence Hotel Frankfurt-Oder you should definitely plan a day trip to Slubice. It will be worth it!

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