Cities worth seeing and varied nature on the Oder-Neisse cycle path

Cities worth seeing and varied nature on the Oder-Neisse cycle path

The Oder-Neisse cycle path is the easternmost cycle path in Germany. On the German side alone, with Saxony, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, you cross three federal states and experience the varied landscapes of Saxony, Prussia and Pomerania. But it gets really international if you start at the source of the Neisse in the Isern Mountains near the Czech town of Nova Ves and also plan a detour to Poland.

The Oder-Neisse cycle path is 465 kilometers along the German-Polish border to the Baltic Sea. You will experience different landscapes such as the Oderbruch and attractive larger and smaller cities such as Frankfurt an der Oder or Bad Muskau. The excellently developed cycle path often runs directly along the river. The popular cycle path ends in Ahlbeck on Usedom.

A cycle tour on the Oder-Neisse cycle path is often divided into around 13 stages. Of course, it is also possible to cycle a shorter distance along the Oder. Bett+Bike hospitality establishments like this Hotel City Residence in Frankfurt an der Oder are specially tailored to the needs of cycling guests and bicycles can be hired. There are also storage facilities for your own bike or the opportunity to use the hotel's own holiday apartment with kitchen as a starting point for bike tours.

Incidentally, Frankfurt an der Oder is a perfect starting point for cycling tours along the Oder-Neisse cycle path. An approximately 60-kilometer day's stage takes you to the town of Guben, which is well worth seeing and has a pretty old town. And shortly after Guben, the Neisse flows into the Oder near Ratzdorf. If you prefer to drive a little to Poland from Frankfurt an der Oder, you can drive to Szczecin on the German-Polish Friendship Trail.

The possibilities for an unforgettable summer holiday by bike are great on the Oder. Bike tours are an absolute highlight, especially for children. You are out and about in nature and experience the landscape and wildlife up close. By the way, that's it Hotel City Residence in Frankfurt on the Oder just a few meters from the train station, so you can easily continue your journey from here. Cities worth seeing on the Polish side, such as Slubice, are also within easy reach. Therefore, plan a stopover in Frankfurt an der Oder. We are looking forward to your visit!

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