The Adonis are blooming again soon

The Adonis are blooming again soon

News from Frankfurt (Oder) - The Adonis roses will bloom again soon

Wanderung zu den Adonisröschen im Frühjahr an den Oderbergen in Lebus
Hike to the Adonis roses in spring on the Oder mountains in Lebus

Visit the Lebus in spring and let yourself be enchanted by a true spring symphony. Every year, the golden yellow Adonis attracts numerous visitors, nature lovers and plant lovers. The first blossoms of these fascinating flowers open in March, after they covered the slopes of the Oder Mountains with their inconspicuous violet and olive green buds. Soon, however, they cover the whole floor as if golden coins were scattered.
A hike through the Lebus gives you wonderful views not only of the blossoms of the Adonis roses, but of the entire fascinating landscape around the Oder. The Adonis rose, originally native to steppe landscapes, has been valued as a herald of spring for many centuries. Not only the Sumerians, Hittites and Germans, but also the Slavs and North American Indians knew and loved the cheerful and perennial plant.
But how did she get her name? The legend tells that Adonis, the son of King Kinyras, was chosen by the goddess of love Aphrodite to be her lover. When he was fatally injured after a hunting accident and abducted by Hades into the realm of the dead, Aphrodite's suffering was almost endless. Father of the gods Zeus took pity on her and ordered his brother Hades to release Adonis to earth for a few months every spring.
Would you like to visit these mythical plants and the wonderful Oder landscape? Then inquire at the Lebus office about hikes that are possible when the Oder is not flooded. More information is available here:

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